Ready to upgrade your beginner wing?

Are you a beginner paramotor pilot looking to upgrade your equipment? Look no further! Here is a great collection of intermediate paramotor wings from some of the best manufacturers in the industry.

Davinci Gliders - The Davinci Jazz

The Davinci Jazz from Davinci Gliders is a great choice if you’re looking for a versatile wing that is easy to launch and maneuver. With its lightweight design and high aspect ratio, it’s perfect for cross-country flights. The semi-reflex profile increases resistance to collapse, while also improving gliding and speed.

Dudek - The Nucleon 4

Dudek offers the Nucleon 4, a popular intermediate paramotor wing known for its versatility and ease of handling. It has a low stall speed and glide ratio suitable for both beginner and experienced pilots.

Flow Paragliders - The Cosmos Power

Flow Paragliders offers the Cosmos Power, an intermediate paramotor wing that is both responsive and fun to fly. Its high aspect ratio and lightweight design make it easy to handle in the air. It serves as a fully dedicated ppg glider for both free-flight and paramotoring.

ITV Wings - The Jedi 2

For enhanced agility and speed, check out the Jedi 2 from ITV Wings. This popular intermediate paramotor wing will satisfy weekend pilots who want to progress with peace of mind, as well as those who want to get into XC (Cross-Country) experiences or performance flying.

MAC PARA - The Colorado

Finally, don't forget MAC PARA's Colorado! This intermediate paramotor wing is designed for pilots who want an easily manageable wing while still having excellent performance capabilities. With its wide range of trimmers offering speeds from slow to all out fast, this one will definitely put a smile on your face when you carve turns in the air!

At the end of the day

Your choice of paraglider should depend on your experience level, personal preferences, and type of flying you intend to do - so be sure to consult with an expert instructor or dealer beforehand who can help you find just what you need for your next adventure!

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