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Try a Paramotor Flight!

Did you ever dream of flying? It's now possible to realise your dream! Try a paramotor flight with a qualified instructor!


Try an Autogyro Flight!

Want to try a new kind of flying machine? Give the Autogyro a try! Quite a unique experience! Choose a 15, 30 or 60 minute flight!


Fly in a Paramotor Trike

Realize your dream of flight! A qualified instructor will be happy to take you on a 15 or 30 minute tour in a Paramotor Trike!


Have an Autogyro Experience!

Did you ever try a flight in an autogyro? Do you know what it is? Aren't you just a little bit curious? Now's your chance!


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Be Visible, Be Safe!

Get a LED Stroble Light for your paramotor and be seen up to 8 km away during sunrise and sunset. Extend your flight times up to one hour a day!

Take Flight!

With a paramotor, you can take flight from almost anywhere. No need for an airport or landing strips. You only need a field or a beach to run into the sky!

Remote Controlled Paramotors & Paragliders

If you can't physically fly due to a sickness or temporary physical limitations, you could fly a remote controlled paramotor or paraglider. It will give you a way to release the tensions of everyday life without the stress of getting hurt. Put an FPV (First Person View) kit on it and fly as if you were in it!

It is also a great way to test the air before you launch. If the model behaves erratically, then you know it's not time for you to fly. If it flies nicely, then you can fly safely!

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