Opale ParaModels - RC Paramotor and RC Paraglider Products

This collection contains the complete line of the Opale ParaModels branded products. You will find RC Paramotor and RC Paraglider related products, including wings, frames, pilots and more! 

You can also look at the different Combo Packages we have assembled to give you an idea of the different possible combinations and prices.

Hybrid 1.8 - RC Wing

Layer 1 SOLD-OUT

CAD $484.95

Hybrid 1.8 / M3 / Ben - RC Paramotor Combo...

Layer 1 SOLD-OUT

CAD $1,347.95

Max ARTF - RC Pilot

Layer 1 SOLD-OUT

CAD $206.95

Oxy 0.5 - RC Wing

CAD $304.95

Oxy 5.0 - RC Wing

CAD $726.95

Paramotor Backpack M2 - RC Frame

Layer 1 SOLD-OUT

CAD $147.95