When it's simply not possible to fly due to unforseen events, like an injury, you can always get your flying fix with an RC Paramotor or Paraglider. We will soon be carrying the complete line of Opale Paramodels to satisfy your need! 

Flying these models from LOS can give you a greater understanding of the effects of rotors, thermals, gusts and other air turbulence on the wing, all without any harm to you, the pilot. Turn it into an FPV model and you will be able to virtually feel like you are the one in the air, flying, while physically staying on the ground. It's really a cool way to fly, without any risks.

There will be a lot of different frames, wings, pilots, motors available to suit your needs.

Keep an eye open for these new serious toys coming in the near future.


Clear skies,

Gilles Ranger

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