About a week's worth of work was all we needed to setup our Online Store. What a blast it was to learn all the latest technologies that allowed us to easily get going. All these new tools were not even available only a few years ago. Now, they allow us to automate most of the workflow of managing an online store.

 On August 18th, the online store opened it's doors to the world! It was a very proud moment for us!

 We only have a few items in our store at the moment. Things will eventually get much much bigger and better! We are currently in the beginning of the learning curve. Please hang on with us for a bit and we'll bring all sorts of great stuff for the Paramotor and Paralider Addicts!

If there is anything you Addicts want to see in our store, kindly let us know and we'll do our very best to get it or make it, if it doesn't exist!

Enjoy your new shopping experience with us!




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