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We have added a few new products to our lately. Check them out. You just might get Addicted to them!

  • ITV Paramotor and Paraglider Wings
    We started adding paramotor and paraglider wings from ITV to our store. We will be adding more in the near future. Stay tuned...
  • Miniplane Top 80 Paramotors and Accessories
    Get a brand new paramotor from Miniplane! Two versions are available; ABM (articulated) system and PFS (fixed) system. Many colors to choose from. Paramotor cover also available.
  • Rexon Airband Radio and Accessories
    Hear the traffic around you and be heard! Aviation is a lot safer when you can communicate with other pilots in your vicinity. 
  • Tandem Flights
    Take to the skies in a tandem flight with a qualified instructor! You have the choice of a paramotor flight, on foot or on wheels, or in an auto-gyro! Feel the thrill of flight!

More products will be appearing as time flies!... Keep an eye open for them!


Clear Skies,

Gilles Ranger

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